WingWoman – Huh??? Who Would Have thought!

June 3, 2009

Who would have thought there are wingwomen floating around doing the same thing wingmen do? Well i do know there are some pretty funny & interesting things in this world so i dont even know why am surprised! So i went out there and dug through some research material and guess what i found?

Sit back, relax, read and get schooled;

A wingwoman is the chick friend who will stay by her chick friends side when they go out and/or dance with while clubbing in order to keep the ugly/creepy/scary guys at bay.

Unlike a Wing Man, this is not the girl who occupies the hot guy’s ugly friend. Unlike women, guys have no problem ditching their friends for the hook-up (they just say, “peace out, man, i gatta handle this bizness” and the discussion is closed). Wing Women are usually hot or at least cute so that they are easy to pass off if there happens to be a not so ugly/creepy/scary guy with whom the other woman would like to hook up. The Wing Woman position may be held simultaneously within a pair or group of women.

The flip side of the issue is there are wingwomen out there for hire; thats right, wingwomen (wingchicks if i may call them) whose daily bread, butter & cosmopolitans is through getting paid as a wing chick. Unlike the normal laws surrounding wingmen/women, these special breed of wingwomen are out there to help dudes and or lesbians hook up.

No, no, no, dont get it twisted, they are not pro’s/prostitues/night fighters, they are just out there to do what wingwomen do but for $$ and the ching is good. A wingchick can get betweeen R300 – R500 bucks and hour. Food and drinks are catered for….

How About That!


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