Who Is A Wing Man?

June 3, 2009

When you’re hitting the bars on the hunt for a girl, it helps to have a skilled buddy at your side to make sure you end up making out instead of striking out. The men often pick a desired woman, who is referred to as the “target”. The man intending to seduce the target is often called the “pilot”. The wingman is expected to back up the pilot, which typically entails talking to the target’s less attractive friend(s) and making comments that will make the pilot seem more attractive.

The wingman motivates the pilot to be social and practice approaching women. He helps the pilot approach pairs and groups of women without the awkwardness of being alone. He will take the less attractive woman of a pair so that the pilot can engage in conversation with the more attractive without interruption. The target may feel more relaxed talking to the pilot while her obligation of entertaining his or her friend is taken care of by the wingman. A group member who disapproves of the pilot’s advances may also be prevented from interfering in a way commonly referred to as “cockblocking” while socially interacting with the wingman.

It’s important that your wingman be your equal in many ways. He shouldn’t be much better looking, fashionable or charming than you — otherwise, you’ll end up becoming his wingman. Likewise, you can’t be far better looking, fashionable or charming either. The goal is to field a team of two equals, not a superstar and a bench warmer.

Oftentimes, the best wingman is a guy just like you, except that he has a serious girlfriend. Because he’s already in a relationship, he has nothing to lose, and will be happy to enjoy a night out and live vicariously through helping you. But even another single buddy with a sense of self-sacrifice can back you up at the bar. Below are top 10 hints of a good wing man;

Number 10: He understands his mission

If you approach two attractive women, the good wingman will give you first dibs and set about keeping the other one occupied. His interest in her is irrelevant; he’ll act like he’s interested. His skill extends beyond mere distraction; the good wingman will actually elicit and sustain the other girl’s interest while you work her friend.

Number 9:He keeps you presentable

The good wingman acts as your personal butler for the night, letting you know if there’s a booger hanging out of your nose or toilet paper stuck to your shoe. He’ll give you the heads-up if your breath is bad or if your deodorant is wearing off. He’ll also make sure that you don’t drink too much and start acting like an idiot (very important). He tells you when it’s time to put down the beer and switch to water.

Number 8:He understands your language

You’ve been in the trenches together. You know your wingman well, and he knows you well. You don’t have to talk to communicate about every situation. He can read your body language, signs and codes, and act accordingly to help your cause.
Number 7: He prevents interference

There’s usually another guy trying to work the same hot girl that you want to take home. Or sometimes her “friend” will be doing all she can to make sure your target goes home alone. A good wingman can help you overcome this pick, “the cock-block.”

He’ll do so by running his own interference and engaging, at close range, the meddling guy or girl. If it’s a guy, your wingman might get in his way physically and box him out, so you can move in. If it’s a girl, he’ll start a conversation and keep it going long enough for you to do ‘your thang.’

Number 6: He reads the terrain

The good wingman knows whether to enter the conversation to keep things moving forward or to just back off and let you do your stuff. He can also sense whether you’re barking up the right tree or just wasting time. More importantly, he’s not afraid to tell you so, potentially saving you from a night wasted on a girl who isn’t interested.

Your backup will adapt to every situation. He’ll know when he needs to be talkative and when he needs to keep it shut. He’ll change his colors in an instant, getting involved when appropriate and blending seamlessly into the background when not.

Number 5: He goes kamikaze

The good wingman will prepare himself for his role and take it seriously. He never hesitates to launch in solo on a table of girls. He has no fear of getting shot down (snipered), physically or mentally. He’ll fire the first shot and soften up the defenses, so you can sweep in from the flank and hit on the hot chikita.

Number 4: He bigs up his point man

Your wingman should know your heroic deeds to relate to the target girl. He’ll put you in the best possible light and will never make fun of you or put you down. And he always knows just the right time to sneal in a good story to talk you up.

Number 3: He takes the ugly friend

The good wingman will do anything for the good of the team mission. He’ll even engage the ugly friend, thus providing a cover while you chat with the hot mamacita. He may even take the ugly friend home to get her out of the way — a sacrifice that would truly make him the top gun of wingmen – 4real 4real.

Number 2: He goes undercover

A good wingman is also a good intelligence agent. He’ll gather info on the desired girl from her friends. He’ll let you know if she has a boyfriend or if she has bisexual tendencies. He’ll find out what her turn-ons and turn-offs are.

Number 1: He pumps you up

The good wingman is your coach and motivator, fueling you with positive talk and boosting your confidence. He advises you on when to spring into action and when to cool your jets. While you focus on your target, he surveys the whole area, scanning for potential hazards and difficulties and providing valuable intelligence on how to navigate the terrain.

Now that you dudes know what entails to be a perfect wingman, get out there and get that chick who always comes to your local pub with her friend but remember, you need a proper wingman.

Finally, a good wingman should be able to handle his business even with the lady’s reading this post and taking notes.

How About That!!!


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