Glory vs Pride

May 15, 2009

It’s that time of the season again when trophies are won and the fans of the winning club shout their lungs out, pour more alcohol into their system than water and get bragging rights for a whole year and hope they will win it again the coming season.

For the fans of the losing teams… Ohhh well, they’ll drink too but with disappointment.

Manchester United is close to lifting the trophy again for a third consecutive year. This will be the 2nd time Sir Alex Ferguson will have done a hat trick of Premier League trophies. Two games left before the close of the season and only needing one point to seal the deal, Man United fans are hopeful.

United are at an advantage in that they will be playing at home and will want to win it in front of their 75,000 fans and are on a winning streak.

It won’t be easy though for United because they face one of their biggest rivals, Arsenal a.k.a the gunners, who have nothing to play for; their sole mission will be to gain revenge over Man United.

Arsenal has a fan base of more than 100 million fans across the world and you can be sure that number will triple because title chasers Liverpool fans will be hoping Arsenal can do them a favour by beating Man United.

Not so long ago, Man United ended the Gunners hopes of Champions League silverware by thrashing them nice and proper. Arsenal will be looking to put a dent in the red devils chances of lifting the trophy on Saturday.

I feel very sorry for Liverpool because the trophy could be in the red devils trophy cabinet even before they play on Sunday.

So Man United vs. Arsenal who’ll be the winner? Can Man United seal the deal? It’s all happening on Saturday 16th May 2009 at 13H00


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